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Secrets: Is there a way to know

[Post New]by Nocturne on Jan 10, 16 9:34 PM
1. How many there are on the level you are about to play?
2. While you are playing a level, how many secrets you've already discovered?

I've only seen the amount of secrets revealed AFTER you finish the level which isn't helpful to me when I think I've found 3 or 4 but then find out there are more then that, or if I can't keep track of how many secrets I've found since I'm also trying to do the tasks before time runs out. Thanks.


Re:Secrets: Is there a way to know

[Post New]by Moogiewarf on Jan 11, 16 3:53 AM
I thought this exact same thing. I've finished the game but you have no idea how many secrets are on a level until you complete it. Also, like you say, no way of knowing if you have them all during a level.

A weak point I think in an otherwise excellent game.

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