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Found My Keys!

[Post New]by muttmom on Jan 12, 16 9:47 AM
I went back to Martha's house and What did I find but my keys! Yeah! I'm a happy lady once again! Thanks Friends.

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Re:Found My Keys!

[Post New]by Bluex on Jan 12, 16 9:57 AM
Good going! Phewww!!! It has worked, especially if its a two for one quest. If its a two quest one the chances are really a toss up...

This really goes to the point of,
If you have a quest that sends you to get something to "use" such as a key, a magnifying glass, knife, bug light anything that is not a collectible item. Before you attempt the task DO KNOW that there will be following task to use it. Do not attempt to do one and leave the other for later. Don't play anything else. Go get it and immediately go to the next quest and use it. Its not worth the aggravation to lose the thing. If it comes out missing when you go to the next scene. Immediately go back and try again.. Pheww,that was a close one Muttmom. I was sweating it for you yesterday.

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