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level 10-3

[Post New]by dduck652 on Jan 13, 16 1:55 PM
need help with level 10-3

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Re:level 10-3

[Post New]by Janette5 on Jan 14, 16 12:54 AM
1. Clear the road to the water

2. Clear the stones in front of the trees

3. Collect 3 water (remember click on the actual water, if you click on the pier it tends to cancel the click)

4. Activate your 2x resources bonus and do the following:
4.1. Collect the fruit from the tree
4.2. Click on the bottom stone of the pile of 3 stones that is closest to the house - this will topple the stone and all the trees in one go.
4.3 Pick the berries from the berry bush
4.4 Pick up the stone

(Steps 4 - if your power-up doesn't allow 4 actions, re-activate it.)

5. Clear the path - don't collect the food lying on the path at the top you don't need it and it makes an extra move.

6. Activate 2x resources and do the following
6.1 Chop down the 3 trees from the side so that they all topple
6.2 Pick the berries from the berry bush

7. At this point you should have 3 or 4 moves left to build the 3 sawmills and you should have enough food or use your last move to pick the berries again.

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