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History Lost if create New Player & frustration repeatedly

[Post New]by Cards13 on Jan 14, 16 11:11 AM
I purchased this game and after multiple attempts on all the levels - I FINALLY finished. I wanted to start over, but the game continued to take me to the last level. I know I could manually click on each spot & if I was willing to make my own "map" I could keep track of where I was but I (foolishly) decided to create a new name so I could start over. My reward was to LOSE my previous name & history entirely!

Now I need not keep track of my progress because I have literally started over.

The biggest frustration for me with this game is how often the "strategy" is finding any move - not the best move. Strategy to me is choosing the best of all alternatives. Choosing the best of multiple options. Often in this game those alternative are only for the first few moves of a level, after that the job is finding any moves.

And if you do not score high enough on the level, you get the "opportunity" to repeat the level repeatedly until you do.

I liked the idea of moving columns (as in Fairies) and no time limit in this game but the frustration level is very high.

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