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Lantern in cave

[Post New]by susanh on Jan 14, 16 2:02 PM
I have the lantern in the cave but cannot get it to give light. I can't figure where to put the lantern and without light I can't seem to place the triangle on the wall. Help!


Re:Lantern in cave

[Post New]by thecasualgamer on Jan 14, 16 7:05 PM
Did you light the latern? Once you do you can hang it where you found it originally and will be able to see


Re:Lantern in cave

[Post New]by geertmajoor on Jan 28, 16 2:43 AM
In the wagen is a oil drum. Find the hamer in front of the tent, pull a nail out of the left in the wagon.put the lantern onder the drum en fill it whis oil. The latrn will burn.

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