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Tower Floor Owl Puzzle

[Post New]by Campinrat on Jan 15, 16 6:44 AM
I am trying to get the owl on the floor, but there is nothing there to indicate a puzzle at all. I used a hint, then went to the guide that said it belongs on the floor. Just can't do it...any suggestions?????

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Re:Tower Floor Owl Puzzle

[Post New]by 9otters on Jan 16, 16 11:05 AM

Is the tower you mention the one that you come to after getting out of the underground, away from Nox?

If it is, the owl you need is a little figure of an owl. There is no puzzle, but you won't see the space until you use one of the lenses in that area.

Once you have the lens, use it on the right hand side where the wall meets the floor...lower right of the wall puzzle. Don't know if that is clear enough. It took a bit of effort to find the right place.

Hope this gets you going.

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