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Level 49

[Post New]by BigCatMama on Jan 15, 16 11:44 AM
No matter how many resources I collect, the game will not let me cover the lava flow completely. The first time I played the level, it was the bottom icon that showed the 'no-no' sign. The second time, it was the middle one. On my third attempt, it was both the middle and the bottom one. I was feeling lucky because I didn't have the portal problem that others experienced, and now this! Any hints?


Re:Level 49

[Post New]by hatcherb on Feb 15, 16 7:34 AM
Its all in the order of how you do the level. In general take steps to clear the area near the 3 symbols to cover the lava. Build up quarries near those areas and make sure you do not cause any of the three to enable, on their own, until all three are cleared, but disabled. Then build up the necessary points required to enable all three up together. Make sure you cover up the left bottom section first. Downhill from there.

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