Nevertales Beauty within. How to get Flight manual?

[Post New]by richardjf on Jan 15, 16 6:43 PM
I'm in the rocket getting ready to go to moon. The sign says calibrate steering. I hit the info puzzle button an it says get manual inside spaceship for Sequence start launch process.
I click on manual but nothing happens.
On the screen in front there is an A screen [ calibrate steering] but when clicked nothing happens an the B screen [half circle] with yellow, red, blue and gray. I tried numerous things to get flight manual but nothing works. I see little sparkles coming in window but click an nothing happens. Is it me or the game. I didn't get strategy guide. Could it be that? Did I omit something before I got here? Screwing with this for hours on an thinking of skipping this puzzle. I really don't like doing that.
Please help.

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