Where are we all from?


Re:Where are we all from?

[Post New]by Val911 on Mar 18, 18 12:05 AM
Hi I’m from the Great State of Texas, USA. I’m 20 minutes northeast from downtown Houston in a small town of New Caney. I use the game name Flower Val, I’ve been playing since the launch of MC, I’m just waiting around for the next update to advance.


Re:Where are we all from?

[Post New]by redcloud33 on Mar 18, 18 4:22 AM
Luisada wrote: Hello gamers! Are there any Europeans around? /quote]

Hi Luisada, Dani from France, South western part near Bordeaux, I think there are others it's a long list of names now, I've been playing for more than 3 years now and still enjoy it, I don't come so often but I love the events and wait for the next update as many do.... Have fun storming the Castle

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