Level 56

[Post New]by shshshorty on Jan 16, 16 12:50 PM
Does anyone know how to get gold or even enough workers to rebuild the temple or to fix the health alter. Completely at a loss or there's a glich in my game.


Re:Level 56

[Post New]by razz123 on Feb 11, 16 2:07 PM
how did u finish level 56


Re:Level 56

[Post New]by shirl61 on Jul 23, 16 7:59 AM
how do you get the purple things, I can't get any get everything else

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Re:Level 56

[Post New]by july1277 on Sep 13, 16 8:21 PM
i am new to this forum and happy to see I am not the only one stuck at level 56


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[Post New]by Adventur3guy on Oct 14, 16 12:01 PM
You have to work quick, before more workers get sick


This should help

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