Level 61 - three stars

[Post New]by NorthStorm on Jan 16, 16 12:56 PM
I just can't seem to get the 1725 needed to get the three stars on that level. I've tried and tried and tried with no result. I combin orders and checking out people at the counter, I'm faning every single client to keep hapiness high and such but it does no good. Anyone finished that one with three stars?


Re:Level 61 - three stars

[Post New]by Snabbeltje on Jan 19, 16 10:53 AM
Ive got the same, I played it over 100 times I think.
Please help!


Re:Level 61 - three stars

[Post New]by beestitcher on Jan 29, 16 9:55 AM
I finished it after many, many tries. I made it on one where the 1st four customers were all kids, so I got that right away. And then I did all the combos I could for both orders & register while trying to keep everybody happy. Good luck. It is hard. And so is Level 65 - seem to be having the same problem.

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Re:Level 61 - three stars

[Post New]by chevyqueen on Jan 30, 16 11:29 AM
Don't forget to choose your menu items with the highest money value. I also bought everything I could for the level.

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Re:Level 61 - three stars

[Post New]by Cookyville on Feb 13, 16 10:38 AM
I'm ready to scream with level 65!!!!

Great game


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