HOP at Plateau of Denial

[Post New]by CherylParker on Jan 17, 16 11:51 AM
Does anyone know the time you need to get 3 stars? I can't seem to line them up fast enough. Any tips would be helpful! Thanks.


Re:HOP at Plateau of Denial

[Post New]by CherylParker on Jan 17, 16 4:00 PM
Fastest time I got was 1 min. 17 sec. Still only 2 stars. Anyone get it yet?


Re:HOP at Plateau of Denial

[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Jan 18, 16 4:53 PM
This happened at another game where you couldn't get three stars
It was impossible and this one is impossible' It seems that that the creators of these games just have to make you play forever to get one achievement that you will never be able to get, I am just sick about the route these games are taking with glitches that are never fixed.
Hey people if they aren't ready to be played don't put them out there, I have over 600 games and the year 2015 was the worst for games that couldn't be completed, I may have to go somewhere else'
The fixes they try to tell you is to uninstall and reinstall, That never works, because its on your end and not our computers, if you have 15 complaints then its on your end not ours

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Re:HOP at Plateau of Denial

[Post New]by bfgPanthalassa on Jan 19, 16 5:00 PM
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to stop in to address the questions about the stars in the game. Due to the game's recent release, we don't yet know whether there is a technical issue here, or if it is possible to achieve 3 stars in this area. However, we definitely want to make sure everyone is able to play their game without running into any problems.

Because there are so many different options for software and hardware configurations in computers, not every technical issue has the same cause, especially across different games. It's for this reason that we recommend contacting our Technical Support Team with a Dr. Felix Report when a problem arises. Our Reps have the tools necessary to gather data on and report issues, and are happy to provide different steps to resolve technical problems.

In the meantime, hopefully additional players will be able to chime in to either confirm an issue in this section of the game, or provide some tips for this area. Thank you for your patience.



Re:HOP at Plateau of Denial

[Post New]by CherylParker on Jan 26, 16 4:23 PM
This is not a tech issue! The devs made it impossible to get 3 stars in this particular HOP. They should have allowed players to be able to get 3 stars by allowing us more time for this one!
However I agree with hookedonHOG . This past year has been filled with tech issues or achievements that you don't get although you did what was necessary to get achievements.
Personally the achievements are the main reason I want to purchase a CE in the first place!

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Re:HOP at Plateau of Denial

[Post New]by kloanne on Feb 9, 16 9:35 PM
I agree! I can't get this achievement either, and it's not the first game this year where one HOP is simply not doable in the time allotted to get three stars. This is, however, the first time a moderator has taken notice of the complaints. Maybe it's pathetic that I want to get all the achievements in a game, but I do, and it should be possible. It can be challenging but it shouldn't be impossible. Maybe if you are one of the developers and have enhanced your computer in ways the rest of us can't, it's doable, but for the rest of us it's an eternal frustration. How about testing the game on a variety of ordinary computers of the sort your customers are likely to use? Or how about looking at the problem and issuing an update to correct a problem that all your players are experiencing, even if you don't think they should be having it?

The stock answer to uninstall and reinstall games, or to update one's video card, have never worked for me, and from reading the forums, I know I'm not alone. So I've long since given up on Dr. Felix.

I've been a loyal Big Fist customer for many years, but with problems such as this, and the fact that a couple of developers are taking over all the games (and therefore the games are all starting to look and play alike), it's getting harder to keep buying from Big Fish. Can't help wondering what else is out there.

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