spider puzzle in attic

[Post New]by tom7328 on Jan 17, 16 2:24 PM
on the spider puzzle , it doest have the upper left corner puzzle piece. I reset the puzzle three times and everytime I come to the spider puzzle I cant complete it it due to there is no upper left corner puzzle piece.. Hellllp please :-(

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Re: spider puzzle in attic

[Post New]by memcglone on Apr 22, 16 3:31 PM
Just to make the answer easier to find for the next poor sucker who comes looking for it & sees no answer here so gives up like I was about to do:
As an answer to another query in this section shows (THANKS Raewynk!) - look to the left of the puzzle pop-up - the missing piece is hiding behind the "Reset" control tab (below the Info tab). Sheesh!

Grab it from behind the Reset button, put into the jigsaw, & the blue spider automatically appears beside the girl's portrait & so you can complete the step. Would have been nice if the walkthru had contained even a hint about this needed step.

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