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Level 46 gold is possible!

[Post New]by Magda640 on Jan 18, 16 11:47 PM
Okay, now that I have a little more experience with this type of game, I finally found a simple way to achieve gold on this level.

Buy all the bonuses.

Send one worker to chop the left grove, and send the other to pick up the cement at the top and then the bottom. This allows your cement factory to deliver the cement. Repair the road section at the bottom by the café, so food can be delivered. Hire another worker, so they can continue to chop the groves, except for the middle grove. Do not pay the guy at the bottom, but do pay the one in the middle. Don't feed the pelican by the middle grove, but do feed the one at the top. When you have 70 food on the way, demolish the café and build a second shop, because you need the money. Upgrade both shops once, but nothing else. Just buy wood until you are close to 300, but don't use all your money for wood - you have the groves to chop.

I hope this helps.

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