How to select constellations on iPad

[Post New]by declaidecars on Jan 21, 16 5:28 AM
I've searched everywhere. I thought this may be a tech issue with iOS, but since no one else seems to have the prob and the game is so old, it must be me. I'm at the constellation mini game. The info says to touch the correct constellations on the (big) blue screen. I get no response when I touch any constellation. I can only move it around by dragging my finger to keep searching. I hope someone out there knows something. Thanks

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Re:How to select constellations on iPad

[Post New]by declaidecars on Jan 26, 16 9:36 PM
Well, since there weren't any responses, I went ahead and deleted the app and re-installed, since this MUST be a tech issue. In case someone is ever looking for an answer, that didn't work. I am now at the exact standstill, unable to continue, but unable to even attempt to solve the puzzle. I've now done nearly half the game twice.

I happen to be trying to play 2 BF games on my iPad right now that are too old for the forums to be helpful, but too old to still have unanswered technical glitches. If they don't work on iOS, they should not be offered. Very disappointed, and I've been a BFG customer for years.

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