[Post New]by Little_Mouse12 on Jan 21, 16 6:18 AM
Hello, I am trying to download and play Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island but when it's done installing, DirectX doesn't pop up and when it says it's activated I click on play but a error pops up saying it is unable to find DirectX and needs to be installed. I searched DirectX into google and ran the program but even after I updated it, it just won't work! Please HELP!



[Post New]by MarianaMac on Jan 25, 16 9:17 PM
I have the exact same problem!



[Post New]by iaurhirwen on May 7, 16 4:30 AM
If anyone is still having this problem, I have found a way to fix it.

First go into the folder on your computer that the game is filed into. It usually is under "program files" in your C drive, but you may have it in another location.

In the Danger on Deception Island folder, right click the item that is called "Game". It is an application file. Once you right click, choose the "Troubleshoot Compatibility" option.

Your computer should automatically pick a different Windows version to run the program. My PC decided to try to run the program as Windows Vista. Once it picks a version, click test.

If this works, the game should launch properly. Exit the game and click the option to "Save the settings". Every time you launch the game in the future, it should work.

If it didn't launch properly after the first Windows version, you will be able to manually choose other Windows versions to try. Hopefully one of them will work for you. Good Luck!

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