On the Bus

[Post New]by AutumnSonata on Nov 28, 09 3:00 PM
Hi, I'm on the bus and just clicked all the items from the gym bag. From checking the walkthrough I know I should be able to click on the briefcase, see a dog and other items to click but it doesn't let me click anything.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!


Re:On the Bus

[Post New]by ace1122 on Nov 28, 09 3:18 PM
I'm having issues in the bus as well, I think it's a glitch in the game and I don't know what to do. I got the stuff in the gym bag, but can't get the hotspot in the jacket to activate no matter what I do.


Re:On the Bus

[Post New]by irelandsangel on Dec 6, 09 5:44 PM
click on the pole to the right of the live wires and the jacket will sparkle and you can get the gum.

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