Episode 3 Level 1

[Post New]by smb921 on Jan 22, 16 11:50 AM
I'm having trouble with this level - there are three rocks which require bombs to blow them up, but you can only buy a bomb from the boy to blow up one of the rocks; then you're stuck; you're supposed to build a demolisher's house, but can't get to it because of the rocks. What am I missing?
Any tips are appreciated - it's Level 21, Episode 3, Level 1.


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[Post New]by tweety0074 on Jan 22, 16 12:46 PM
All you need is enough food and gold to blast the rocks o the top then you can build the building to can the bombs.


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[Post New]by smb921 on Jan 23, 16 7:47 AM
But you can't get to the demolisher's building because there are rocks that need to be be blown up, and there are no bombs except for one that you have to use earlier.

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Re:Episode 3 Level 1

[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Jan 23, 16 11:19 AM
The bomb seller gives you 40 bombs, and you use them to blow up the first big rock.

you do not need to blow up the second big rock in order to reach the demolisher's hut, the workers will just run around it to get to the small rock and crack that needs filling in.
So just click on the next task after the second big rock (that would be the small rock), and your worker will simply run on the grass beside of the big rock to pass it.

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Re:Episode 3 Level 1

[Post New]by smb921 on Jan 24, 16 8:06 AM
Thank you!

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