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Third jug can't be found

[Post New]by fnoske on Jan 22, 16 2:55 PM
Near the end you need a third jug .After using the hint it sends you to the lock. All items were tried and the hint sends me to the righthand corner, after clicking there the screen closes and the game freezes. Tried the walktrough that won't open.What can I do?


Re:Third jug can't be found

[Post New]by OceanBlueShells on Jan 24, 16 1:13 PM
Ok, I figured out the lock. After you click on the lock, you need to click and drag the scene inside the lock until you see the clockmaker. Click him and he will say something about banging on his door and to use the bell and then call you a ninny. Then that little grate on the bottom right will open and you take the reed and read the note. Hope this helps!

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