How to make $? How to sell items?

[Post New]by Julina77 on Jan 24, 16 12:37 AM
How do I sell items to make $? In the store it says use SHIFT but I press shift and nothing happens. I press shift and click and it just keep on USING the food to add to my food supply. How do I make money to buy the tents?

Thanks for your help!!

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Re:How to make $? How to sell items?

[Post New]by LAndersen on Mar 1, 16 3:21 AM
Hi Julina77

In case you still need an answer to your question: Access your storage by clicking the crate on the picture menu at the bottom left side of the gaming screen, or by clicking you storehouse. Next to most items you'll find two buttons. Click the green one marked with the amount of $ you'll earn.

Cooked food brings in more money than individual ingredients, such as mushrooms or berries.

Be careful not to sell items you might need to complete a quest.

It's a while since I've played the game, so I can't remember if you actually have the storehouse from the beginning or if you have to buy it at some later point.

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