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Wood Starved!

[Post New]by ladyblu11 on Jan 24, 16 7:10 AM
First I want to say Thank You! for this game. So tired of all the Hidden Objects and CE's featured here - very nice to see something so different.

My only real issue is how slow and difficult it is to get your wood, and ore, production up there to where it is needed. I've looked at the developers website forum to see if there are any suggestions. There are many posts and discussions on this along with different suggestions on how to possibly fix this while keeping the integrity of the game.

I've read the developer's replies and I see what there intent was, but I still think this may be too much of a chore for long term play - at least for me.

You need so much wood for every upgrade. I have different cities set up testing different ways of set up your town, but wood becomes an issue fast in every scenario.

I find myself having to open the game throughout the day, clicking to gather my resources and then closing out. I really want to play the game everytime I can, not just wait to gather resources.

But again, a big thank you for something so different. A welcome change.

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