Stuck in the museum store

[Post New]by Cheery_Stu on Jan 24, 16 4:54 PM
I had previously completed the tasks in the museum store and saved the game. But now when I start the game again the museum store is still available and when I enter it, there is one task showing on the clues list. This is to search the gift shop. Before clicking on the gift shop though, the close up scene appears for a second and then closes again. No further actions are then possible. It is not possible to get past this onto another scene. It's as if the game thinks it has passed this level, but in fact is still showing it.
If I click on a hint, it points to the gift shop, but then nothing happenes when I do. All I can do is go back to the map and re start the scene, where again, the gift shop close up appears and then closes.
Any thoughts?


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