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Cant Remove Files From This Game (& others)

[Post New]by Yaelle on Jan 24, 16 5:31 PM
Moderators I am begging you to please not delete this. I have the problem with this game & many many many others, and ever since they deleted the forum on Big Fish where you could go to talk about non-specific games, there is no better option.

100% of the time when I've written CS for help I've gotten the same advice & it has worked maybe ... 1 time out of 30. They simply by default say to uninstall this or that & to do basic maintainence. Not going to help in this case & I would like to try for a helpful response.

OK so what I have is this game & about 80 to 100 others going a few years back where I've discovered a folder still holding files from the games long long LONG after they've been uninstalled from my system. In fact, I am pretty positive that some of these games were never even installed on this particular computer!!! (I transfer files from one pc or mac to another when switching) .

What I have is this: A folder called AppData/Roaming. In there , as I said, there are at least 100 file folders - mostly given titles such as Elephant Games, **** & the names of other game developers from files I have had at various points from Big Fish games going back to 2013.

This is all taking up space! A lot. And its baffling to me that 2 years after removing this game (ITS NOT JUST THIS GAME) from the system there are still hidden files.

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