Is there more

[Post New]by jonesloj on Nov 29, 09 6:50 PM
I have completed all the there anymore or anyplace else to go or is the end of the game...what a great game.

one of the few that I wanted to get to the next and the next. Do it again Brick Quest 3


Re:Is there more

[Post New]by sunflowertattoo on May 24, 11 6:52 PM
How did you manage to get into the other worlds? I go back to completed areas to capture monsters, etc., but I'm not credited for it. At this point, I'm very disappointed in this game.


Re:Is there more??would love to see BRICK QUEST 3??

[Post New]by RAINFALLS2000 on Aug 8, 11 6:44 PM
love thease 2 games of "brick quest 1 &2" and beat each game (thought the !st game was harder)
and am waiting for a #3rd "BRICK QUEST" game?? has anyone heard of one in the making? or one in devolpment??? if so PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!(or if there are any out there like it?)

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