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Fun Game, But Difficult To A Fault

[Post New]by Yaelle on Jan 26, 16 12:47 AM
I cant believe this game!!
I've been dabbling about with it for about a week & I finally ended up just uninstalling the whole thing. Not that you can uninstall half of a game.

The balance between planning good strategy & the timer being insane here is just too off-kilter.

I came here to the forum & saw some tips that helped a great deal & I think that if I were to spend like many many hours tearing my hair out I could probably pass the difficult levels by taking note of what one level asks for & going back to the part beforehand to plan but then doing that and still being able to pass the one youre on...!! Added to that there's the frustration of running out of money, out of time, of having your junk stolen by those crackheads, and all this other stuff.

But this wasnt a bad game besides all that! I wish there wouldve been an update or something. Will look to see if there's been a more recent sequel & if it addressed those faults (if it exists) . . . ARGH! I dont want to pay money for frustration!!

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