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Level 25

[Post New]by JeanannK on Jan 26, 16 7:09 AM
I am 83 years old and I do not have enough gold for Level 25. I am incredibly slow in doing the episodes and I could not believe that I did not have enough gold. Now I am foolishly angry because of it. I probably put 20 minutes in it. I enjoy the game but I think if I cannot figure how to get the gold by reading the comments, I am done with it! Not going to put useless effort in it again!

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Re:Level 25

[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Jan 26, 16 1:58 PM
Copying this from another post, hope it helps

BlueStarFish wrote:
I did not have problems with finding enough gold.
The gold deposits, gold coins lying about, and the secret locations combined had enough gold for me to finish before dark on hard mode, and I didn't even need to pick all the deposits.

It is a good idea on levels without a mine, to build the storehouse early.

This could be used as a general tip for gathering resources that are not renewable, because for every upgrade of the storehouse, you get +10 of resources gathered.
That is: the resource itself. Plus 10 more.

So every picking of a gold vein gives 10 gold. If your storehouse is built (i.e level 1) then you get 10 gold + 10 gold for every time you pick a gold vein.
If the storehouse is level 2 you get + 20 resource, so 10 picked gold, plus 20 more. It adds up...
So it makes sense to build the storehouse early if all your gold must be picked and will not renew in a mine.

I made a Youtube video, one can find it by going to Youtube and search the term "Roads of Rome 4 lvl 25" and my video should come up among the results.
That video is from a playthrough on normal mode, but I used more or less the same tactics successfully on hard mode.

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Re:Level 25

[Post New]by mitzimom on Jan 31, 16 9:27 AM
I too kept running out of gold. built the storehouse too late. thanks for tip.

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Re:Level 25

[Post New]by mtvoyager on Feb 1, 16 12:25 PM
Wow, thanks for the tip. I was having trouble with that too and had no idea the storehouse ups the amount of resources.

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