[Post New]by roxbaby69 on Jan 26, 16 10:55 AM
I can't seem to do anything in the shop screem. What is the secet?

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[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jan 26, 16 2:45 PM
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I don't think there is any secret. You just need to have enough gold coins to buy something and click upon that item. [update] All the gold in this game goes towards buying the scene parts *and* shop items, unlike some of the other JM games. When I play, I focus on building the scene first, so that takes up all the gold until I get to a point where it won't let me buy any more scene parts for a while, then I'll be able to buy things in the shop with the gold I collect. Eventually the other scene parts unlock and then I go back to buying scene parts until there's another "building break". Haven't tried playing it the other way so I don't know if doing it in reverse would cause the game to go longer than the 54 levels...

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