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Temple of Air I-24

[Post New]by tejasgal on Jan 27, 16 7:27 AM
I have re-played this level so many times, lost count. How can I get past it? I know I have to get the matching tiles "jumped" up to the upper level and hit the frozen ones then get keys to unlock the blocking locks.
I usually can get one side or the other but not enough since have to use tiles as "ramps".
What's the trick here? Anyone?
I have got to a point where have about 6-8 tiles left then don't have enough to get last of the frozen tiles broken.

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Re:Temple of Air I-24

[Post New]by Lyndy20 on Jan 27, 16 6:25 PM
Hi tejasgal

The trick I found for this one was to use right side keys for left side locks. I actually started on the right, and from the bottom, so hopefully you will get some ideas from my method below.

Concentrate on freeing the frozen tiles first, before making matches (unless by accident!)

1. Use tiles to fill in the gaps along the top and bottom edges. They'll be used as pathways for the tiles to slide around.

2. Start by freeing the frozen tiles on the right first, from the bottom. The right side spring will "jump" tiles to the bottom edge. When the keys are free, use them both for the locks on the left side of the board. Slide the keys off the path by the bottom right lock, but make sure the lock is blocked by a tile.

3. You can then, after a bit of tile jiggling, unlock the blocked tiles on the left. Finish clearing the right side frozen tiles, leaving the top one for last.

4. Free the frozen tiles on the left from top to bottom, using the springs and paths to slide the tiles around and with the bottom tile last. Then all that's left to do is match the remaining tiles and grab 3 stars!

Hope this helps.

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