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level 3 quick bonus

[Post New]by cel_1 on Jan 27, 16 8:30 AM
how do you achieve 5 quick bonus

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Re:level 3 quick bonus

[Post New]by chevyqueen on Feb 18, 16 10:17 AM
To get a quick bonus you need to wait on customers as quickly as possible. I would click on the tomatoes as quickly as they grew until I had the limit (I think it is five). I would also have a tomato sandwich put together and waiting on the tray. As soon as you get three quick bonuses you can go back to "chaining" customers. Ringing up two customers at a time. On this level you have enough room on your tray for two customers. Serve two customers at a time. Are you familiar with the Delicious Emily's games? The forums are full of a lot of good tips.

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