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Way cool!!

[Post New]by phatkhat on Nov 30, 09 5:56 PM
Good game, and very different!! It took me a couple of rounds to really catch on, but it really isn't all that hard. One of those "easy to learn, hard to master" type games. You have to stay on your toes, and plan ahead, rather like playing chess, only easier.

The idea is to fill your inventory while blocking your opponent from filling theirs. It is turn-based game play, and I think you can either play with another person or with the robot. It is quite satirical, too, and I enjoyed that aspect of it. I won about half the games I played.

A good thinking game, and one I expect to play for a long time to come.


Re:Way cool!!

[Post New]by fairhavenfish01 on Nov 30, 09 7:56 PM
I totally agree, phatkat. Fun game, once you get the hang of it.

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Re:Way cool!!

[Post New]by LesBumProm on Aug 4, 14 4:52 AM
Agree! It's such a pleasure to find a game that actually makes you think!

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