dragonstone not working

[Post New]by jcole64 on Jan 27, 16 5:58 PM
i have dragonstone installed on 2 different computers and it will not load properly on either one. one is windows 10 and the other is windows 7. when i try to access the game it makes the screen narrow up and will not load. i have uninstalled it and reloaded it many times. i love this game. all my other games work perfectly.


Re:dragonstone not working

[Post New]by lannybc on Feb 22, 16 4:40 PM
game will not play wright when I hit play


Re:dragonstone not working

[Post New]by babytidbit on May 12, 16 9:24 PM
Let me know if you figure it out. I just got a new computer and really want to play this. It's a favorite.

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Re:dragonstone not working

[Post New]by Janette5 on May 13, 16 10:26 AM
I've had no problems using Dragon stone on Windows 10 - installing it or playing it.

I doubt that the problem is with the game, probably with either your graphics cards or memory settings or permissions.

Maybe you can try to see that your graphics cards have the latest versions

And / or check what versions of Direct X you have installed as this game shows that under its list of requirements. I have version 11.2 installed.

To check: Click Start - type dxdiag - it should bring up a blue circle with a yellow cross in it with - with run command written beneath that - click on that. It will then open a block showing you all your pc specifications in that.

Else search for latest version on Dxdiag on the internet and you'll probably find a site that will check for you that your computer has the latest version.

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