Lost my red bag of seeds?

[Post New]by christine123b on Nov 30, 09 6:31 PM
I am now stuck because I no longer have my bag of seeds to plant. I did have the red bag and collected the seeds with it. Later, I became stuck because I could not complete the stew. I realize now that my red bag of seeds is no longer in the inventory but I do not recall putting them in the ground. And, my green liquid does not work on the flower bed because no seeds are there! Must I start over? Where could my red bag of seeds of gotten to? otherwise, I was enjoying the game. Thanks for any tips.


Re:Lost my red bag of seeds?

[Post New]by queenofgames52 on Dec 1, 09 1:11 AM
Are You scrolling to the right on your inventory. It might just be out of view. Press the right arrow on your inventory. Let me know if that helps.


Re:Lost my red bag of seeds?

[Post New]by christine123b on Dec 1, 09 4:07 PM
I had checked that; that was not the problem. But it renewed my search for the red bag and lo and behold, I found it still in the shot where it had collected the seeds. It was still sitting on the floor as I had not grasped it to put it in my inventory. Thanks for your response and I am now on my way again.

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