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Fireplace Code - Margie B

[Post New]by redrose1940 on Dec 1, 09 8:39 AM
I have tried this fireplace code at least ten times. - See page 21 of walkthrough.
I followed the hints to the letter and still can not get the secret opening code to open and then using the shovel to jam the opening.

What am I doing wrong??

Thank you,

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Re:Fireplace Code - Margie B

[Post New]by Zelda2 on Dec 3, 09 3:31 PM
Did you get an answer. I am stuck also.

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Re:Fireplace Code - Margie B

[Post New]by MargieB on Dec 3, 09 3:34 PM
Hi Redrose,

I did not play the game but I will forward this e-mail to the writer that did so hopefully she can help you get past this point

Margie B

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Re:Fireplace Code - Margie B

[Post New]by robin94122 on Dec 3, 09 6:01 PM

Sorry to take so long to get back to you; I was gone at Thanksgiving, and then busy catching up with other stuff.

I wrote the Blog Walkthrough for this here at Big Fish Games. To get to the Blog Walkthrough, just click on the Try This Game link at the top of this page, then click onthe link to the Blog Walkthrough.

This is definitely a very tricky part of the game, and on top of that the screens are very dark. I lightened the images for the Blog Walkthrough to make them more visible.

You said you were on page 21 of the walkthrough--the Blog Walkthrough doesn't have page numbers. This section is in Chapter 11. "Somewhere."

Can you tell me (looking at the Blog Walkthrough so I know we're talking about the same thing) exactly how far you've gotten?

Have you used the broom to sweep the tiles at the bottom? The game won't let you enter the code on the top even if you know it unless you've swept the tiles first.

Have you made a "cleaning stick" (check the text label at the top of the screen) combining 3 inventory items--moistened napkins, the tree bough, and the thread? If you try just two of those items, you'll get something you can try, but it won't work.

Have you used the cleaning stick on the 5th tile on the top? Again, the game won't let you enter the code until you've done the cleaning, even if you know it.

And only the "cleaning stick" will work--you can't use the broom on the top tiles.

Then and only then can you use the shovel to press the top tiles in the order shown.

Anyway, let me know how far you got, and we'll see if we can help.


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