Sticking Points

[Post New]by ChelSeeBee on Jan 29, 16 12:25 PM
I'd like to start this for Fire, for anyone who hits a particular sticking point to get help.

Okay, I'll start.

I got through the first five places (don't know what else to call them) and nearly all the way through the 6th, with the monkeys and the bananas and the batteries. Answered all the "what is the next object in this sequence" game correctly, and then...nothing happened. No matter how Ungh runs around, or I click on things, there does not seem to be anything else to do. The big black rectangle thing in block two doesn't rotate, I can't pick up anything, the monkeys just keep chewing, the qwerty keyboard has no more monkey butts to click on and clicking on the keys does nothing.


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Re:Sticking Points

[Post New]by 9otters on Jan 29, 16 2:58 PM

Lol! I call them map locations. LOL.

I had the HARDEST time getting through that level. And it looked like it was gonna be so SIMPLE compared to the previous locations. Simple is what MADE it hard. Not much to work with there...

Actually, I should say WE had the hardest time. I've been playing with my sister. WE looked at that level for HOURS. I ended up finiishing it without her, and she made me swear to go no further.

In the end, it was pure dumb luck. HAD to be...because I could no more explain how I did it...

Did you get something to magnify the 4 symbols? Was that before, or after the sequence puzzle? It has been awhile...

Anyway...the black rectangle will become a cell phone. I randomly interacted with all of the stuff that came up on it. Again, couldn't tell you HOW I got past it.

I know this isn't much help, but thought I'd commiserate...

Good luck. NEVER say die! It will all be worth it in the end. I bet your brain has grown ALL kinds of synapses with what you've done so far!

Sis hasn't been able to come back, yet. Here am I...standing on the moon...waiting...

Ha! Been wanting to use that moon symbol for awhile...

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Re:Sticking Points

[Post New]by ChelSeeBee on Jan 29, 16 7:29 PM
That is a cool moon!

I got nothing to magnify with, either before or after the game, and there are no more things to interact with. After finishing all the "what is the next object in this sequence" game and getting it all right, I should get some sort of a reward. I was expecting a coin to pop up, or something. I even tried signing off and restarting the whole level. I guess I'll just keep poking around, unless someone else has an answer.

Thanx for the moral support.

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Re:Sticking Points

[Post New]by tookat on Feb 12, 16 1:23 PM
I'm sorry, but I JUST CAN'T HELP IT!!

Stuck on Monkey Butts....bwahahahahah
cannot find anything more to do with those darn Monkeys!
Well, Have you tried Spanking the Monkeys?

Goes and hides now.....preparing to be evicted from forum

oh, and a little more on the game.
I need a walkthrough.....I am stuck, and it is in the very beginning already.
I am stuck in a game where the protagonist hoots, but is not an owl.
This just might be a perfect game for me, IF, I can figure out what to next....and next....and next.
(I think the last thing I accomplished was having a bone thrown back at me.....
and I ate a piece of fruit...and had an hallucinogenic backflash to a misspent youth

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