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Damn Giant!

[Post New]by stormaf on Jan 29, 16 12:48 PM
I'm stuck trying to get past the bloody giant. Either he's too fast for me or I'm doing something wrong. Please help fellow Fishies! He's killing me here! Thanks!

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Re:Damn Giant!

[Post New]by jcsgame on Jan 31, 16 8:19 AM

Use the NET on the Giant.

You should already have the Ladder and the Bow & Arrows, before using the Net on the Giant.

You get the Ladder at the Ruined Walls by playing a HOs.

You get the Bow & Arrows in the City Wagon Area, via a HOs.

You get the Net in the Weapons Room when you talk to the Man and play a HOs.

If you need any more help, send me a PM. I don't usually check this forum, but I do check my messages, on a daily basis.

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