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Tree puzzle, "changing forms" section

[Post New]by rebafish on Jan 29, 16 7:04 PM
I am stuck here. I read the walkthrough and did what it said: have the middle tree branch pointing left, stand on the rock in the leftmost section and rotate the tree 'til it hits the bear's head three times. I assume the little gate in the tree is supposed to open, but nothing happens. If I change to a mouse, I can't get access to the bridge to the flower. This game is kicking my, um, derriere. Thanks for any advice provided.


Re:Tree puzzle, "changing forms" section

[Post New]by JennCoxRox on Jan 30, 16 7:37 AM
If you get the bear off the rock and twist that branch, the gates in the tree open up and then you can get into that tree...if you know how to get into the tree lol. I hope this helps but doesn't give too much away.

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