Key to trophy room

[Post New]by peggysue822 on Jan 31, 16 4:56 PM
I have tried and tried (according to the walkthrough) to "turn the key parts to match the silhouettes." When I click on the key in the inventory, it brings it up to the center of the screen. However, there are no "silhouettes." It keeps saying, "To place keys parts in correct order, I need to see the keyhole first." This has become very frustrating because no matter what I do, nothing works. Has anyone else figured this out?

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Sea Anemone
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Re:Key to trophy room

[Post New]by DMZ71 on Jun 20, 16 7:34 PM
Same problem. Sadly, doesn't look like anyone has a remedy so now I can't finish the game. Absolutely hate that. Playing on a Mac, running 10.11.5.


Re:Key to trophy room

[Post New]by peggysue822 on Jun 30, 16 3:34 PM
What is the purpose of posting questions in the forum if nobody ever replies to them.

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