Treasure Seekers 2 and 4 on Iphone/Ipad

[Post New]by fatamorgana57 on Feb 1, 16 4:14 AM
I have problems with IPhone/Ipad versions of the games: "Treasure Seekers 2: Enchanted Canvases and Treasure Seekers 4: "Time Will Come".

On my IPhone 6s errormessages are shown. For Treasure Seekers 2, the message look like This:

Failed to load sound: sounds/

The message for Treasure Seekers 4, look like this:

Failed to load sound: sounds/

And in both cases the games stop and I got back to the deskscreen.

On my Ipad the games don't get so far at all, I only get back to the deskscreen.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled tha games and restart my phone several times and that didn't help me at all.

It sucks when the games doesn't work, I have paid several Swedish krona to get the fullversions of them.

The most perculiar is that both games works properly on my PC - Why?

I really hope that I can get help for this issue.

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