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Empire of the Gods

[Post New]by rentonwa on May 15, 08 10:48 AM
Does anyone understand that game? I can't figure out what to do - what's the object of the game? It would be nice if they had a walkthrough at the first level. Can anyone help, please?

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Re: Empire of the Gods

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on May 23, 08 5:11 PM
Hi rentonwa, hopefully I can help. The goal behind Empire of the Gods is to fufill each stage's criteria. This criteria is represented by acquiring x amount of either Faith, Life, Power, or Wealth. For example, stage 1 asks you to acquire 15 faith (the blue resource). You'll also note that you start this stage with 1 Life (the green resource). You need to start by taking one Life and then moving it to one of the other resources. You'll notice that taking 1 amount of a particular resource yields 2 where you place it. Now that you have that in mind, try moving things around until you have 15 of the Faith resource. I hope that helps .

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Re:Empire of the Gods

[Post New]by TopazMystique on Jan 18, 09 3:24 AM
Nolanz wrote:Hi bfgFlounder, I read with interest Rentowna's query and your reply. I am having trouble with this game too. I can easily get 15 faith in the first level, but then what? I go nowhere (like the second level) and if I carry on moving stuff around, always making sure I have the 15 faith held there, I just eventually get the "You have failed" message. I must have got that message 400 times now. (I actually downloaded other trials and kept playing them all to see if I could figure it out, or it would just happen by osmosis or something, but it never did!!

Can you give me any further help, please? Or anyone else? Failing that, can anyone advise if they have gone past the first level? This game fascinates me, I have really persevered with it, but if I can't get past the first level, I am not going to buy it. There are too many things in life to frustrate me without deliberately buying a game to do so, lol.

Hi, Nolanz! I'll give it a go altho I only played the demo. I also found this game very confusing with not enough instructions and did the same thing as you... kept moving resources until I "failed". What you need to do is once you get the required amount of resource, you use that to finish the "building" in the center of the screen. I can't remember exactly what you do to move the resources... maybe drag them to the building? I'd try it again but I used up my hour demo. Anyway, that's how you get thru each level... complete the building in the center. Does that help?

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Re:Empire of the Gods

[Post New]by October7 on Mar 11, 09 1:20 AM
I have also failed, not even off level one. I don't think there is enough time. I personally wouldn't buy this game. I have downloaded this game from several sites to see if I could get it but each time I just run out of time. Thumbs down for this game

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Re:Empire of the Gods

[Post New]by bunnyeyes on Jan 31, 10 10:40 AM
Hi Everyone,

I looked at Gamezebo and several other sites regarding this game. Gamezebo doesn't even feature it. The other sites say basically the same things:

1 - it can be a really challenging game if you're not into math strategy
2 - level 2 is the hardest one of all
3 - take time to go thru the long tutorial
4 - there are no tips, tricks or updates
5 - if you can get past the first few levels, the game is fun and different from most others being offered.

This is one of those games that I've purchased (like Dangerous High School Girls) that will use more concentration than usual for me, but I still want and plan to play with it again at some point.

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Re:Empire of the Gods

[Post New]by margi78 on Nov 20, 10 10:16 PM
I love this game simply because it is not the usualy kids stuff that there is so much of already. It's so hard to find a decent challenge these days. Yes it's a little confusing at first but if u take the time to go through the tutorial in detail you can learn it. The whole Egyptian building theme you can more or less ignore if you want to. Knowing the story or what each number stands for doesn't help get through the game at all. Basically when u move a unit from 1 colour to another it creates 2 of the new colour ie. if blue reads 7 and purple reads 2 and u use a card to move to purple, blue will now read 6 and purple will read 4. You have to move the units around to multiply them in a "two steps forward one step back" kind of way until you get the target number in each colour. When you reach the targets the build card appears in the middlefor you to complete the stage. There are also other cards that give you extra help and you need to weigh up how much they cost you against how much they give you. The reason you get the "You have failed" message is because you have run out of time. Time in this game is not actually real time, it means the number of moves you can use. The time number decreases by one every time you use a card. If you get to zero and still haven't made the targets you will need to start again. Good luck.


Re:Empire of the Gods

[Post New]by seahorsegamer on Jul 29, 11 5:36 AM
I think I am some sort of making progress with this but more by luck than judgement:-)
Once you get the required number for the 'golden bar' and card comes in the centre you need to click it to activate it. That seems to stop the 'you have failed this level' happening.

I think there may be some need to judge when you do this but not sure? you do seem to still get the option then to use remaining card count? as you are asked if you want 'to continue'
I think this is so you can use remaining cards to build up Fame for the screen where you can by and sell it?

On the second level I found using the 'extra card'
( these are the ones by side of basic swop 1 for 2 cards and all have different conditions)
for bottom right' life cards' swopping 5 for I think it was 3 of each other card helped me get unstuck to getting the number I needed of the golden bar type.

Other tips I think?
if you hover over the the cards either side of the fame card you will get info of what you need to get to acquire that card..once you have the correct units they light up.. then click them and 'spend' them to help you achieve the levels goals?

If you go back below the number you need for the golden bar even if the red dots in it are completed the centre card I think that is why there is a choice when you activate that card when it does appear?

Once you activate the 'centre card' you get the option to continue ..
then once you decide to end before you run out of card count you get to a brown screen which lists cost of buying extra cards eg starting units for all the 4 cards etc. by exchanging them for Fame units
( your Fame total is on the left and by clicking on plus or minus signs you activate your purchase)

I am still fathoming this but I have found that when I bought an extra base card eg 'life' that extra card then seems to carry on appearing on levels that follow.
So I once bought it seems to be constant?

I haven't worked out what exactly triggers the fame counter increasing but I have found moving 'life' and'faith' units over to money & power on the left side and then making an extra move between the these two on the left side makes the fame counter click up 1?

I will purchase this later today I think..I'm intrigued.
It is one that will need at least one practice run through:-)
then starting with what I have learned as a new character..

Any other thoughts anyone?
I hope this is cearer than mud I am not that great at writing clearly;-0

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Re:Empire of the Gods

[Post New]by margi78 on Dec 1, 11 12:35 AM
So obviously not everyone was as hooked on this game as i was but any chance of a follow up? I've played this one through about 6 times now just trying to beat my old scores.

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