Level 42

[Post New]by gtrutt on Feb 3, 16 9:11 AM
game of pick two to clear boxes, can't get past this game, side columns have empty boxes in next column therefore unless items are dropping down to match can't clear the column. why doesn't this game have the skip option?? I have tried to play this dozen of times impossible to complete


Re:Level 42

[Post New]by mr_gail on Mar 29, 16 5:14 AM
I'm stuck too.


Re:Level 42

[Post New]by mom6869 on May 5, 16 5:50 AM
i hate it. i have been stuck for months. Horrible


Re:Level 42

[Post New]by MercuryNeptune on Sep 26, 16 8:09 AM
It seems we are not alone. I have some pointers which may help:

Turn off the timer

Start from top to bottom

Try to place the arrows in a strategic way to clear out those pesky corners

Even with the above it took me six tries for one puzzle. It does take time which is why the timer being off is crucial.

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