Why only CE version?

[Post New]by Moon_Kitty on Feb 5, 16 8:55 AM
I really enjoyed the demo of this game and would love to purchase it, however I don't buy the CE version of games because they cost so much and I've yet to discern any difference between them and the regular version of a game other than the inflated price and cool CE moniker on them. Is there going to be a regular version released and if so, do we have an ETA on it?

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Re:Why only CE version?

[Post New]by Hespera on Feb 9, 16 7:11 AM
There will be a standard version in about 30 days. It won't have a strategy guide however. So if you can't find a puzzle piece or need to know how to do something, you'll be at a loss, or have to ask/search for many answers in the forums.

BFG always has lots of sales. Perhaps you could wait for one of their great 2 for 1 sales and get it and another game then.

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