Hint not helpful

[Post New]by Sarahe74 on Feb 6, 16 12:26 PM
I'm stuck in the Lewis Mousoleum with a cane matches and red and black piece.
I've opened the door but it's to dark to see. Im stuck and the hint button isn't working I'm so frustrated and about to quit this game!


Re:Hint not helpful

[Post New]by Gooshea1182 on Feb 17, 16 8:34 AM
You light the bowl stand thing on the left. I'm past that. I did the fountain and got the tarot card out of the grave in the wall but the hint keeps taking me back to the area of mausoleum right before you go in the tomb. Than hint just stops working but it keeps taking me there but there is nothing left to do there I'm so stuck


Re:Hint not helpful

[Post New]by clearingwater on Apr 27, 16 3:01 AM
It's probably too late to reply but you know the animals and statues and missings we have to collect? Well I found out most of the time the hints will show you the location of those things first even if they're 5 locations away. So make sure you have already collected all the animals etc in all the places you've unlocked before you press hint. You might already know this by now or are done playing the game but just in case .

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