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Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by Jacqwa on Dec 4, 09 9:44 PM
I admit, I cheated - went to Forum to see if anyone else having problems on the final level - took some adivce from various sources and finally beat it by almost 3 mins left - sooooooooooo - am passing along what I did (it still took me a ton of trys) I ran the plants horizontally on the bottom 2 rows - this gave more room, as you don't have a lot to begin with! I let the game pass a couple of times till I got down to just under a minute - and I made sure I had the 3 ice cream machines filled with strawberries - had 4 sheep, 4 cows, and 3 chickens! Made sure I had 4 shirts done with the baskets filled and ready to go with 4 more - sheep sheared, all hay and chicken feed full - fed the cat and at like 30 second countdown - threw in the milk in the ice cream machines - so when I started game up again - had 3 ice creams in the works - oh, yeah - had 2 pie machines - again 2 pies done and filled for 2nd go around - ALSO - eliminate all your oranges for the last level, you don't need em - I kept 4 flowers, 6 strawberries, 5 watermelons and all the rest a ton of hay and corn. don't forget to use your magic!!! I used mine mostly to restock everything, but to finish the final, did use one turn on the pie makers!! OH and another thing!! Look ahead to see when you are all done with the ice cream machines - delete those and add another 3 pie machines - so you have total of 5!!! The same with the shirts and peacock feathers and pies - I finally got my head out of yu know what and counted what I needed to do! Hope this helps!


Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by sarakatesmommie on Dec 6, 09 9:20 AM
PHEW! Thanks for the help. I think I had 10 attempts in before I finally finished!

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Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by jorob716 on Dec 11, 09 11:09 AM
Jacqwa, you are amazing. I had tried and tried and tried for over a week to finish the final level to no avail. I was so frustrated I was ready to remove the game completely and just give up. But . . . I went in and made the adjustments you suggested, got everything ready, let it play through and then played with everything ready and BAM, finished with 3.02 minutes to spare.

Finally, thanks so much for your help!!!


Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by OliviaReally on Dec 19, 09 1:21 PM
I am SO pleased to read this as I have played the final game about 20 times and have been unable to beat it. I finally got so discouraged last night that I told DH I was giving up on it (which I NEVER do) - it was just too frustrating! I had already caught on to the idea of filling everything up that I could after I realized that I probably wasn't going to finish on time but I still didn't figure to fill EVERYTHING before I started a new, final game.

I can't wait; I'm going to try again!


Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by OliviaReally on Dec 19, 09 1:24 PM
I had already been functioning with 4 cows, 3 chickens, 2 ice cream machines, 3 pie machines and 4 shirt makers. I did do away with the oranges and only kept 4 watermelons. They are so slow-growing and having 4 makes it perfect for when it requests a double whammy. Oh, and 4 sheep!


Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by OliviaReally on Dec 20, 09 6:26 AM
I DID IT! Thank you!

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Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by gschupft on Dec 26, 09 2:47 AM
@ expert mode - trophy:

Hi, maybe someone has the same problem, that might be a glitch:

I simply can't get the trophy for not failing an order in expert mode, although I don't fail any order. In the meanwhile I got an expert in expert mode, I'm finishing it with more than 5 minutes left, I don't fail ANY order. But I don't get the trophy for it.
Of course, that may not seem such a big issue. But it is really annoying, because it takes so long to finish the expert mode, I did it now several times, never missing any order and still...

It's just annoying. So I want to know, if anyone, who also doesn't fail an order in expert mode ever got this trophy.



Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by independent2100 on Jan 6, 10 4:41 AM
At the beginning of the final level, I got rid of the peacocks. You don't need any feathers until the seventh customer. It helped because it meant that the peacocks weren't tearing up the plants or getting in the way. You'll have to buy the peacocks back, but that's better than having to deal with those annoying birds when their feathers aren't needed.


Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by independent2100 on Jan 10, 10 6:37 PM
Woo hoo! I just finished expert mode!! Thanks for the details, Jacqwa. It gave me a place to get started. When I tried a configuration that didn't work, I deleted almost everything off the screen and set it up differently,.

I had four sheep, but only three sweater machines. A number of customers buy five wool so the extra sheep helped. I only had three cows which worked fine as they produce milk fairly quickly. I had six chickens, because there are so many customers that wanted five eggs. It was the only way that I could keep up.

I had three ice cream machines across the top of the screen with a line of strawberries just under them. I also had three pie machines. I tried deleting the ice cream machines when I no longer needed them, but that just slowed me down and the extra pie machines were of no help.

I went through the level slowly the first time getting everything stocked up. All animals fed with one each of what they produce and stocked up for a second time. The machines (except the ice cream machine) with one item made and the next one set up to go as soon as those items were sold.

Several things that I found that helped...

1. Make sure all animals and machines are fully stocked at all times. It takes some effort, but it beats letting everything get empty and then having to re-stock everything at once.
2. As much as possible, do everything in sets of three as that is all that the tray will hold.
3. When refilling any machines, I did one thing at a time. For example with the pie machines, I did three strawberries, three wheat, three milk, three eggs (not necessarily in that order). I was able to get a rhythm going which helped a lot.

During the prep stage: I put three milks in the three ice cream machines, but I didn't bother with the strawberries until I started for real. I did it with enough time left that the cows were able to produce three more milks during the set up. Then I put one sweater in the tray...used the two empty spaces for wool and flowers to refill the machine. When I put the second sweater in the tray, I only had one space, so I did one wool followed by one flowers. With the third sweater in the tray, I couldn't refill anything. I did this with enough time left for three new sweaters to be made giving me six sweaters at the start of the level.


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[Post New]by 88hanako88 on Mar 19, 10 8:18 PM
I just did it!!! Finally!!!
I almost gave up, but your suggestions in this forum were very helpful to break down the last wall.

Here is what I did:
1) From the farthest left top corner, plant 12 Wheat in 2 rows, 12 Corn in 2 rows, 6 Strawberries in 2 rows, 4 Watermelons in 2 rows, and 4 Flowers in 2 rows. This leaves just enough space at the bottom of the screen for 4 Pie makers in one row.
2) Put 5th pie maker next to the flower plot. [total of 5 pie makers]
3) Put the Barn at the farthest top right corner; Well and Crates right below the barn.
4) Put 4 Cows in between the Barn and Wheat/Corn patches, at the top of the screen. Cow's proximity to wheat is important!
5) Put 3 Hens right below well and crates on the right edge of the screen.
6) This leaves just enough space for 3 Sweater makers at the right bottom corner.
7) Put 3 Ice cream makers next to strawberries/watermelons/ 5th pie maker in a slight diagonal manner.
8) Put Magic Cauldron and Magic Powder right below the cows, next to the top ice cream maker.
9) Now you see the left over triangular space among hens, ice cream makers, and pie makers. You can fit a sheep at the top (next to the top hen), a sheep and a sweater maker right below that, and 2 more sheep above the pie makers!

This configuration gives you the followings:
12 wheat, 12 corn, 6 strawberries, 4 watermelons, 4 flowers, 4 cows, 4 sheep, 3 hens, 4 sweater makers, 3 ice cream makers, 5 pie makers and 2 Peacocks--All nicely fit together to begin your final stage!

After loading up everything possible, I make 2 enchanted watermelons in the trays. In the 3rd tray, I put a sweater. Automatically, the loaded sweater maker makes another one, so I will have 2 completed enchanted melons and 5 finished sweaters before I begin this stage.

When the 10th customer with the last ice cream order, I click on the delete button and pause the game. Delete all the ice cream makers and replace with another pie maker, a sweater maker and a sheep. This gives you 6 pie makers, 5 sweater makers and 5 sheep for the latter half of the stage.

These extra machines help you, especially when they break down and you need back-ups in a hurry.

ALWAYS keep feeding cows and hens!

What caught me more often than not was Peacock feathers. Since there are so many towards the end, you want to make feathers whenever possible in the last 15 minutes.



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[Post New]by lelbrooks73 on Apr 12, 10 2:26 PM
Can anyone help me on the expert - level 36. It is doing my head in. I am always left with about 4 customers, I am finding this one so difficult. I do use the spells to fill up on the pie machines, but I always run out of time!

Please Help!

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Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by gschupft on Apr 24, 10 11:42 PM
Hi lelbrooks,

I guess most people are already finished with the farm (there are still bugs in it, so some trophies you can never get). That's why I suppose that there is still no answer for your problem. Could you manage it already?


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Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by Neko6 on Apr 1, 11 11:15 PM
First off, thanks Jacqwa, never could have done it without your tips. Secondly, I can't believe people are beating expert mode! Regular mode was stressful enough, I'm afraid to try expert mode. Is it that much harder?

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Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by starxx71 on Jan 28, 13 9:22 AM

I know you all done this some time ago lol, but I've not long got it, no way I can do last level and this is just in Normal mode lol.
I have been trying for day'sssss now lol (


Re:Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by MrsWatermelon on Mar 29, 13 11:54 AM
I failed three or four times before I worked out where I was going wrong.

My tips:

1. Start the level with everything fully stocked. At the end of any level before I fulfil the last order, I spend some time making sure all the machines and animals have produce waiting for collection AND are fully fed for the next batch.

2. You need at least two ice cream machines and two pie machines, but three is better if you have space. You don't need to produce any oranges in the last level so destroy your orange field and use it for machinery. Today I completed it with three pie machines and two ice cream but in hindsight, three ice cream would have been better.

Think about how much space you need to give to crops. Flowers grow so fast that you only need three flower crops to keep your clothes machines stocked and fulfil any flower orders quickly. Six melon squares is adequate. I had 15 squares of wheat and 12 of corn and six of strawberries.

3. I have four cows, three sheep, three hens and two peacocks.

4. Arrange your farm for maximum efficiency. Everything goes into the barn so put that in the middle. End product machines (pies, ice cream, clothes) should be closest to the barn. Next have your animals, cows in the prime spot. Then crops should be on the edge, furthest from the barn, arranged in 3x3 grids with a rain cloud in the middle to keep them watered.

Put cows next to wheat and hens next to corn. Have about 3 piles of crates placed strategically around your farm to cut down on movement time.

5. Focus only on the high end products: pies, then ice cream, then clothes, then everything else. If you have 9 orders of different produce, fulfil the most difficult first. It only takes a few seconds to deliver 6 flowers, but it takes close to a minute to produce one pie.

6. When you're waiting for pies or ice cream, feed your animals and stock other machines. That's a better use of your time than fulfilling orders for crops or secondary products (milk, eggs, wool).

I have managed to do it with about five minutes to spare on normal. I'll see how I do on the harder difficulties!


Fantastic Farm - last level

[Post New]by hikare on Mar 6, 14 5:03 PM
Jacqwa wrote:I admit, I cheated - went to Forum to see if anyone else having problems on the final level - ... Hope this helps!

your ideas helped me sooo much , so thaaaaaaaaaaanks

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