Finished Game Awesome

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Feb 6, 16 4:25 PM
I just finished this awesome game. I have carpal tunnel syndrome so I played it on relaxed mode and it took me 13 hours and 25 minutes to complete. I demolished 36259 chips and restored the book. I even got all achievements except for Strategist. Couldn't manage that one. The chips eventually just offered a 3 or 4 chain option so I couldn't get 5 chains or more throughout the level. I actually did try on every level when I realized that was an achievement (about half way through) but like I said the chips did not fall into place.I did find the block slide puzzles challenging however I wasn't being timed so I figured them out okay. The water tubes were not as hard and I found them to be quite entertaining. If you have problems with a timer and are like me just enjoy a more relaxing game play try the entire game on relaxed mode. It is a very good game and not that difficult if you are not stressed out by the clock. I did not have any technical issues with the game either so enjoy. I have 4 Elements and now just finished 4 Elements II and am surely hoping for a 4 Elements III. I have played 4 Elements 3 times through and will eventually replay this one as well. I was quite pleased with these games.

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Re:Finished Game Awesome

[Post New]by plat1098 on Mar 2, 16 3:09 PM
"Awesome" is the right word for it. Also, developers have a yen for using full orchestra for their background music in a lot of their games. Not a fan of classical genre but at times, the score is so very moving, very lovely.

Oh yes, and the game ain't half bad, not bad at all. Any chance for a third installment?

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