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[Post New]by kmills1944 on Feb 7, 16 7:52 AM
someone please stuck at the place where you put the flowers,sulpher and bark in the container.everything else worked fine but I cant do anything with the wont go on the table or in any of the containers.cant go any further. heeelp



[Post New]by annettemclarney on Apr 1, 16 3:07 AM
I too am stuck at the recipe and the hint button just keeps telling me to pick up the crushed flowers in the bowl but there's nowhere to put it after I pick it up HELP



[Post New]by Mahnomenite on Jun 4, 16 9:15 PM
I don't know if you've gotten these issues figured out but just in case...

annettemclarney: Click on the grater that's on the table. The bark should get picked up automatically.

kmills1944: Have you put the sulphur in the mortar and pestle yet? After you do, the mixture should be put in the taller of the two bottles on the table.

The cash register in the store owned by the Chinese man is another problem. You get a code with three numbers (8, 4 & 2) but there are four numbers needed. If the code is the same every time, the final number is 7.

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