Still No Updates on Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune???

[Post New]by PopeyeMcSquinty on Feb 7, 16 8:12 AM
I bought this game in June 2015 (loved it!) and, like SO many others, were very disappointed in it being only half a game. Played it again today and was curious to see if there was any progress in rectifying this situation.

Unfortunately, I see that no other discussion on the topic has been made since May of 2015. I wonder...are those of us who purchased only half of a game will be compensated by a free upgrade to the full version or perhaps a free game credit would be the right thing to do?

Wondering if anyone else found a solution or has been made satisfied by some type of compensation, or have we just given up hope.

I have been a member of BF since 2009. Whenever I've had a problem or issue, BF has always made it right, which is why I'm such a loyal member. I will continue to be a loyal member - so no threats of cancelling, I assure you. I just wanted to put in my two-cents and express my utter disappointment in a game that I truly found entertaining, but was left completely flat by the way the developer handled or didn't handle the situation.

Have a great day, everyone and thanks for listening!!!

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