Why is every single thread on this Forum locked up tight? Tech Flaws Still Exist!

[Post New]by RainbowExplorer on Feb 7, 16 3:23 PM

I bought this CE and the other two (Summer and Fall) a few years ago. I'm replaying this one, today, on Windows 8.1, and am stuck in the Epilogue (Bonus Section), as the dumbwaiter won't return to Fiona's bedroom to allow me to get the lamp there. The dumbwaiter just keeps returning me to the ground level, no matter how many times I enter and move the level into the "up" position. The last time I played this game, it was on my old Window XP PC, and I had no problems successfully completing the game, then. I don't know if this change in Windows software is what has created this glitch in the game or if it's something else.

What I DO know is that finding an entire Forum completely locked down is suspicious, as I'm certain I'm not the only person still playing this game (most of us buy games so that we can play them repeatedly, long into the future) and having problems with it. For all I know, there could be new customers purchasing the game and finding the same challenges. There are so many different threads on this forum, discussing various development flaws, that I have no way of knowing if anyone else has encountered this particular one, or not. I do know that it's preventing me from being able to conclude this game in a timely fashion.

Have there been any revisions made to this game to permit it to work effectively on Windows 8.0, 8.1, and/or 10? Most PC game players are using those versions of Windows, these days, so having our games function on updated software is essential. I don't know if anyone will ever check on this forum or answer this question, but I'll leave it here, in case others are encountering similar challenges.

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Re:Why is every single thread on this Forum locked up tight? Tech Flaws Still Exist!

[Post New]by RainbowExplorer on Feb 7, 16 9:37 PM
After another 30 minutes of experimenting with the situation, I was able to find a solution for my dilemma. Ignore the dumbwaiter handle direction and just click in a backwards direction, regardless of where the handle is. Otherwise, the brick wall and gate will never open and you won't be able to access Fiora's bedroom for the various return tasks you'll need to accomplish there. It would have been helpful for the Strategy Guide and/or Walkthrough to have provided the directional information, so that we don't end up getting trapped inside the dumbwaiter.

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