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Loved It

[Post New]by SpookyPigdog on Sep 22, 08 8:04 PM
Don't ask me why, because I can't tell you. But I love playing this little game. There's something almost nostalgic about it. It is annoyingly challenging to aggrevating and boring at the same time, the music is totally sick, and the penguin so cute on his little surf board (riding the snow) that something just keeps me going back to it. Not for the every moment every hour - but a nice interlude from other games!

Bizzare in the extreme. I am probably the only person who bought it!

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Re:Loved It

[Post New]by Dancing_Cat on Feb 2, 09 11:35 AM
I loved it too. It's on my To Buy list when I get some money. I'm never likely to go snow boarding in real life - I teach dancing so broken legs aren't an option - but I can enjoy it vicariously with this little penguin. I like the characters, I like the way the Yeti grunt and fall over when the penguin boards over them. I like the flirty lady penguins. I like the obstacles which you have to be pretty quick to miss. Great game


Re: It's good

[Post New]by sharmarupali on Aug 11, 10 7:43 AM
I didn't like the game at first but now i do it's quite a thrill but don't know if it's worth buying or not so i want to ask SpookyPigdog was it worth buying the game? i mean it's feathers are very basic and yeah game is ok but don't know if i should bye it or not so SpookyPigdog please let me know and any other pleople who had bought this game thanks

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