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This question probably Noobish, but . . .

[Post New]by Imahandful on Dec 6, 09 10:47 PM

I installed this game quite a while ago, but had problems opening it after the first night that I I went to MCF Dire Grove. I beat that one 3 times and am now back to Escape the Museum 2, and apparently forgot the beginning notes.

I cannot remember:

1. what are we supposed to keep his Heart Rate below, and

2. I noticed the stars in the lower right hand screen. When I completed the mini-(or side)- mission, I received a 2nd star. Does this mean that each level has 3 stars to accomplish because the past 3 or so, I have only received 2 stars for, but the map does not say that the level is incomplete.

Some kind soul please answer me so I don't have to either re-start or read the walk-through. I try to do as much as I can without having to refer to the walk-through.


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