[Post New]by GarthV8der on Dec 7, 09 1:08 AM
HELP I'm stuck under the bridge and can't leave this scene, the navigation arrow is'nt showing up and i've tried clicking around every where but ca'nt get out of here

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[Post New]by Qtkitteh on Dec 7, 09 2:31 AM
You are not going to like the answer to this. When it happened to me I had to start over. I can't remember if I had to start the entire game over or just that level. Hopefully someone who's played it more recently (and has a better memory) can tell you. It has something to do with picking up the objects in a certain order. If you're still stuck tomorrow I can play it again (up to that point) and let you know exactly what to do but at this point you're completely stuck and there's no getting out. Hope that helped and hopefully someone else who got stuck was able to get out differently than I did. Good luck!

ETA: Also if I remember correctly it also has to do with using the shears in a certain order as well. I went and checked on my spot in the game where I was stuck under the bridge as well and I had garden shears and *still* could not get out. I clicked on the Hint button and I heard the chimey music but that was it.

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